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Sunny Music Group
Creative Musical Marketing

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Let's Take Your
Music To The Next Level!


Tired of your music going unnoticed?

We'll craft top-notch ads for you to bring your ideal listeners to Spotify, turning them into fans and signaling the Spotify algorithm to amplify your reach.

Let's get your music the attention it deserves!

About Us

Sunny Music Group was established in 2017 to focus on the Creative side of the music business because we believe that creativity is the variable of success.
We are a full-service Music Production and Promotion Company, that offers all the needed tools for musicians, music-related and night-life businesses to thrive: DIY Creative Music Marketing sessions, graphic design, video creating and editing solutions, music production, mix and mastering, music distribution, organic & sponsored promotions on all the digital platforms and managing all of the artist's digital assets, PR and Booking worldwide.
Some of our International clients are: Vini Vici, Infected Mushroom, Mr. Black, Alteza Records, SEF-Scandinavia Electronic Festival

100% Real & Organic Spotify Promotion

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Targeted Ad Campaigns

We ensure your music reaches the right ears by strategically targeting ads to listeners who are most likely to become your biggest fans, taking into account your music genre, demographics, and their interests.

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Consistent & Trackable Results

With the Spotify For Artists analytics tool, you can monitor and confirm the genuine engagement we generate for you. Rest assured, our methods are transparent, and you won't be spending money on fake plays or bots.


Budget Friendly Plans

Our packages are tailored to meet the needs of all artists aiming to reach a broader, more targeted audience, ranging from emerging talents to well-established industry stars.

Some Of Our Clients

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Zafrir, LUTRA, Tripo,  Static Movement, Yahel, Coming Soon!!!
Martin Magal, Black Marvin and many more...


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